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AT&T Online Network Usage Report: Sample Weekly Report

Sample Weekly Report: Hourly Percent Graph with Inbound and Outbound Data
 The blue graph line shows inbound usage while the red line shows outbound usage. Both items and ntheir corresponding colors are labeled in a selectable graph legend. The figures show minimum, maximum and average inbound and outbound usage. Hours refer to time increment for figures. The graph can show peak percentage or peak raw data. The peak reporting option is used to compare the hourly average of 5-minute polling intervals to the maximum 5-minute peak interval. The peak reporting option is available only for single-link weekly or monthly reports. Hourly percent or hourly raw data can also be selected. Kpbs, Mbps, or Gbps labels will be displayed according to the number of bits shown.
Note: If hourly data is selected, the Weekly Reports are based on the hourly average of 5-minute polling intervals.
If the peak data option is selected, the maximum 5-minute interval for each hour is displayed